About this Blog


The combination of various technological innovations and social changes leads to fascinating developments – not only, but especially in the marketing sector.

Digital Signage, IPTV, Internet and Social Media lead to changes in the usage of media. Sometimes these changes happen unnoticed especially for people who are beyond the “generation Y”. Cellphone rates including 1000 SMS per month amaze baby boomers. And they are even more amazed when their kids overrun these rates dramatically.

There are up to 1 billion video clip downloads each day on YouTube. There are plasma or LCD screens in the waiting room, at Mc Donald’s, travel agencies, boutiques and of course hotel lobbies. There are status updates on Facebook and Twitter. “My guests are on vacation here and not for working” is an often heard “argument” against internet access in hotel rooms. Too bad Internet access is not just for working and besides that, guests decide to work whenever and wherever they want.

What are the consequences for marketing, in-room entertainment and technology in hotels generally? This is what we want to write about on this site..