Technology in Hotels – Interview Klaus Hofmann

Technology plays an increasing role in everyday life. Thus, to which extent  does the requirements of hotels change? Hotels are not entirely excluded, on the contrary,  the technological change affects hotels in various fields. Even if the extraordinary location and pristine nature of  the Seewinkel is  our USP we have to ensure that for example, […]

Hotels and Bandwidth – to be continued

So a higher percentage of your guests actually uses internet. But thats not all. There are at least three more factors, all leading to higher bandwidth demand. First the number of devices. Not just the laptop. Sure, also those laptops/notebooks/netbooks are still hungry for bandwidth. But what about smartphones? E-book readers? I-pads (and similar devices […]

Hotels and Bandwidth – never ending story?

Ok, most Hoteliers acknowledge that Internet for their guests is somehow important nowadays. And no, an “internet corner” is not enough. While a lot of discussion is going on about how much – if at all – one could/should charge for internet there is one issue which I think is still underestimated: the growing demand […]

Hotel TV, Internet, VOIP – Guest Room Technology

My oh my, where are the good old days: put in a color tv in your hotel room and you are set and done. Set and done not only for years but even decades by the way. There even was no term „Guest room technology“ due to the lack of technology. Today? Plasma, LCD, LED, […]