It’s showtime for App!

ITB 3rd day How I demonstrated yesterday “Mobile” is an important issue with enormous expansion rates. There is an own presentation stage in hall 7.1 for Mobile Travel Services, a session on the ITB hospitality day (Mobile Devices: How web compatible mobile phones change the world of hospitality) with Oliver Harnisch, VP Operations Hilton, impressive […]

Digital Natives

The turn of the year shows reviews, partly about the last year, partly about the last decade. An abstract of the Austrian newspaper “Kleine Zeitung” is mentionable: Certainly the Web 2.0, which is an amazing enlargement of the Internet, in which millions of web natives cavort, while former birthed people are web immigrants at best, […]

Did you know

In the last years media usage has changed dramatically. It has not changed from day-to-day but since the year 2000 quite a lot is differently. Some changing highlights shows the following video clip: .