More from HITEC 2011

Now Hitec 2011 is over. What comes to mind – after a mind-numbing 20 hour trip back home? Hitec is really big – 4700+ attendees. As I said the other day, Hitec should be everywhere. Educational sessions are predominantly good. Especially the closing session with Scott Klososky is worth mentioning – a real added value […]

ITB 2011 – some more impressions

Some more impressions from ITB 2011 ITB world travel trends report was presented by IPK – lots of good news, especially from Asia. Economy and travel is soaring. More or less every hotelier I talked to told me about strong pipelines with new projects in most of the emerging markets. For more details have a […]

ITB 2011 – Optimism rules

First impressions from ITB 2011: Optimism rules – on the first day there seems to be a great mixture of excitement about the start of a big event, good/great economic figures and last but not least perfect weather. Lots of people, and lots of them smiling – hey and lets face it, we are in […]