Digital Signage

Digital Signage is a modern information and advertising media with enormous rate of growth. Animated instead of static content attracts attention, updates are centrally controlled by pressing a button, content is adjusted for target groups/time of day/environment. Advantages are various.

And various are the fields of application:

Hospitality industry

Where? In the hotel lobby. At the spa reception. In the waiting room. In the fitness-center. In the elevator. At the entrance of a restaurant. In the bar. In front of conference rooms …

What for? Promoting spa treatments or retail products. Details about special offers in the in-house restaurant. Information and entertainment in the bar. Promting the latest packages. Signs in front of conference rooms. Intensive marketing of gift coupons before holidays. Promoting business partners in the region. Information about events.

Retail industry

Promote special offers in the supermarket – adapted for time of day, environment and so on or to extend branding effects of tv spots at the point of sale directly. You can use digital signage in the shopping centre for shop advertising, in drug stores to inform about healthiness and information about vaccination campaigns or to promote the high quality of butcher shops with the help of top content.

Use it in high-class boutiques for emotionalising and branding or in travel agencies to promote special offers, in chains to train employees.

Banks and financial services

Even in these industries intensive competition leads to an increasing effort in marketing and sales. Self service zones and cash rooms are ideal locations for digital signage and for promoting the latest products and news.


In public buildings and business centers digital signage can be used for wayfinding. On airports or railway stations. In cinemas for program announcement. In waiting rooms for advertising. In self service restaurants or coffee shops for menu boards. On fairs for eye-catching and for presentation. Also for outdoor advertising.

In short – no limits..