Hotel TV and Formula one

The goal for perfect Hotel IPTV is to impress guests with a sophisticated user experience. Formula one teams go for the world championship. To reach those goals there is at least one thing perfect Hotel IPTV and succesful Formula one teams have in common: the importance of the “package”. Perfect Hotel IPTV needs optimized network infrastructure, enough graphic power near or inside the display (set top/set back boxes or build in processors) and a sophisticated user interface. Only the combination of all those parts delivers a stunning user experience.

What does it need to win the F1 world championship?

If you want to go for the world championship you will need an optimized chassis. The best engine build in a Minivan won’t help, even when Seb Vettel is driving. Neither helps the RB6 designed by genius Adrian Newey if you just provide a regular Renault Clio engine. And, sad as it is, give me both, the RB6 and the original Renault Formula One engine and I won’t win anything. Sure all the combinations above would drive (not sure about the last one) but thats a precondition, not really the goal.

And for Hotel IPTV?

Exactly the same is true regarding Hotel IPTV. You need somebody with know how to build a converged network infrastucture optimized for IPTV. You need not just a common set top box but real graphic power to enable a sexy interface. And you need an application which actually makes use of the ressources provided by technology. Take a normal network, a common set top box and some sort of old fashioned looking application and (in most cases) you will be able to provide TV. But first, just like a formula one car which drives, this is a precondition and not the goal. And second, there is so much more IPTV has to offer to actually reach the real goal – to impress guests.

By the way, there is a second thing, perfect Hotel IPTV and successful formula one teams have in common nowadays: both, ONEvision and Red Bull come from Austria 🙂.