Hotel TV – the basics

Even the most uninterested hotel owner or GM just feels that the time for oldfashioned CRT TVs is quite over. So if it is affordable in any way they throw them out and put a new slick device in. And look, it is even HD (ready or full or whatever)! Problem solved, lets move on! If only.

There are at least a few things to consider these days:

To begin with the easiest: go for full HD – even when there is not that much HD content in your region, it will be very soon. And please, if it is available make sure your whole system is able to handle it – if one part of an existing TV ecosystem can`t handle HD, there is no HD on your Display. No matter how full HD or new or expensive it is.

Second, size matters. It doesn`t need to be the biggest screen available, but go up a few numbers from what you had now. Technology has made big but still slick displays affordable – just compare the average screen size in the livingroom ten years back and now.

Third connectivity. You have invested in a really big 42“ screen, perfect picture quality, perfect audio quality. And your guests are lying on the bed watching their content on their small notebook with those tiny build in speakers. Doesn`t make sense to me. But they should pay for your VoD content you say? Guests are sometimes strange, they tend to do what they want – and most of them just don`t want to pay $ 20 for a movie nowadays.

So VoD is dead you ask? No, I don`t think so. But the business model related with VoD in the last decade or more is slowly coming to an end.
What is more of an european issue is the end of analog satellite broadcasting. If you do receive your TV signals via satellite and distribute them to your rooms via analog headends you will have to invest in the next 18 – 24 months at the latest.

You will need at least a digital headend and some kind of DVB receiver in your TV. Or you will have to transform those nice, high quality digital signals back into analog ones to get a picture on your TVs.

On this occasion we would highly recommend to have a look at IPTV. Instead investing a lot of money in digital headend equipment – and still stay with „just“ TV – why not add some money and move a few steps forward?

So, what about hotel iptv in general? If we are talking about a new project, just three words: go for it! But that is another story..