Hotels and Bandwidth – to be continued

So a higher percentage of your guests actually uses internet. But thats not all. There are at least three more factors, all leading to higher bandwidth demand. First the number of devices. Not just the laptop. Sure, also those laptops/notebooks/netbooks are still hungry for bandwidth. But what about smartphones? E-book readers? I-pads (and similar devices to follow in this category)?

They are not only adding up to a higher number of devices, they are also somehow changing our behaviour. The “always on” way of life got really a strong – additional – impulse with all those smartphones. Since we got accustomed to have the internet always with us – in our pockets, fast and easy to use – we use it for more and more purposes.

And the other way around, and thats also another factor, more and more purposes need internet connectivity nowadays. There are more and more applications out there in the cloud which once where either local or which haven’t existed before. How many of your guests have uploaded photos or even videos to their facebook page 3 years ago? How many today? How many in 3 years from now?

And last but not least, the sheer amount of bandwidth needed by applications differs a lot. And guess what, those which need a lot of bandwidth are going to be used more and more. Speak streaming. Video/TV over the Internet is nothing new, but really got some dynamic in the last months. And streaming is really, really needing lots of bandwidth.

So a higher percentage of guests, with more devices, using more applications with some of them very bandwidth intensive – I guess this really adds up..