Hotels and Bandwidth – never ending story?

Ok, most Hoteliers acknowledge that Internet for their guests is somehow important nowadays. And no, an “internet corner” is not enough. While a lot of discussion is going on about how much – if at all – one could/should charge for internet there is one issue which I think is still underestimated: the growing demand of bandwith.

How much bandwidth a hotel needs depends on different factors. First of all – obviously – how many guests make use of internet connectivity during their stay. And this figure clearly has risen and is still on the rise. Years ago just a few business guests wanted and were able to check their e-mails using some kind of internet connectivity provided by the hotel – rarely high speed. And one or the other nerd even did some surfing and chatting while on holiday.

Compare this with today – a much, much higher percentage of those guests staying in your hotel uses the internet, either for business or other purposes, cross all generations and guest types. But there are a few more factors and – surprise, surprise – they are all on the rise too! We will have a look at them in another article but the conclusio is quite clear: if you want to fulfill the internet needs of your guests you better take care for a really big pipe to your property!.