Television is digital. Modern digital flat screens offer a great resolution in HD quality. At the same time more and more content is consumed via the Internet – video download, YouTube clips – until now on the notebook. But this is just an intermediate step. This makes no sense, of course – to enjoy content on the small notebook and the (digital!) 42” screen is hanging on the wall unhappily. Slowly but surely all content is available on the TV fortunately.

This is possible because of IP technology. IP is the lingua franca of modern technology, a little bit of Esperanto for more and more appliances. Watching television on the notebook, surfing on the tv – and the other way around. This makes it accessible to loads of content especially missed episodes, channels of special interest, loads of movies … And with the help of a slingbox it is even possible to receive content from the digital video recorder at home.

Especially in the hospitality industry IPTV offers loads of advantages. Never before it was possible to promote the own services so effectively. Multimedia-based, in high resolution, brilliant, interactive, in the guest’s language, and up to date by pressing a button. Change your in-room tv into a perfect advertising platform..