ITB 2011 – Optimism rules

First impressions from ITB 2011:

Optimism rules – on the first day there seems to be a great mixture of excitement about the start of a big event, good/great economic figures and last but not least perfect weather. Lots of people, and lots of them smiling – hey and lets face it, we are in germany after all so that is quite impressive 😉

ITB convention is packed – three entrances with 15 people each waiting until 1 of those 500 lucky guys who made it inside leave to get in.

Hot Topics – just a few keywords here: personalisation, social media, 2nd screen (or small glass devices), mobile, capture more pre- and post trip travel spend, find new revenue streams. Most of those topics are related with technology, at least using technology as an enabler.

Always amazing to realize how the world is (kind of) growing together – I just had a skype video call via ONEvision Hotel TV at at-visions booth at ITB with their Singapore CEO Oliver Winzer (a real Berliner btw) and literally minutes later I joined a panel discussion about online, social media and mobile in Asia lead by Siew Hoon Yeoh, a brilliant travel editor based in Singapore. Those Siew Hoon Yeoh who visited Oliver in  his office and wrote about it just a few weeks ago. How cool is that?