Technology in Hotels – Interview Klaus Hofmann

Technology plays an increasing role in everyday life. Thus, to which extent  does the requirements of hotels change?

Hotels are not entirely excluded, on the contrary,  the technological change affects hotels in various fields. Even if the extraordinary location and pristine nature of  the Seewinkel is  our USP we have to ensure that for example, our guests have mobile phone reception everywhere and a good Internet connection to meet their increased requirements.

Is the internet usage remarkable increased in the hotel?

Absolutely. Finally, it is no longer the occasional guest bringing his/her notebook with him/her. It is almost always the rule that the majority of our guests have at least one web enabled device in their luggage. A miserable internet connection is just an annoyance that may affect an otherwise positive impression in a negative way.

Many upmarket hotels offer a fee-based video on demand services to their guests. Does this also exists in the St. Martin’s Lodge?

No. I think that the additional effort is not enough added value for our guests. Moreover, the trend is rather towards that guests bring either their own content or purchase it via the internet. What we think, however, is to retrofit our TV system to provide our own services and offers and to present them in an effective way. Maintaining communication after the check- in is particularly important if you have an extensive and attractive additional service as we have and there exists really great possibilities now.

Does technology also plays a role outside the hotel room?

Of course. I am only thinking about digital signage. We are able to communicate with our guests in a simple, current and more appealing way that it would be possible with traditional notice boards in paper form..