Opinion — 2 Min Read

Get Closer in the 6 Feet Economy

Opinion — 2 Min Read

Get Closer in the 6 Feet Economy

Intensify contact with guests while staying apart and increase the functionality of their smartphones.

Life has changed to some degree. And as it looks as of today, some changes will stay with us for some time. One of them is what is so strangely called “social distancing” when it is actually only about “physical distancing”. Most of us already experienced how digital gained more importance in many day to day activities within a few weeks only – be it working from home offices, be it home schooling, and yes, be it staying in social contact with loved ones.

Easy predictions

While many things related with this pandemic are hard to predict, one is not: digital tools will get even more widespread. Taking the hospitality industry just as an example and without the slightest claim to be complete a lot of applications come to mind:
Pre-stay communication and online check-in are pretty obvious. Even in case the infrastructure is not ready for mobile key as a next step, this already improves the process and simplifies the option to provide alternative ways to “hand out” the room key.

More Applications

Digital signage on the other hand is ideally suited for situations like this: an increased need to communicate throughout the hotel, with very likely often changing messages – changing according to time of day, occupancy/utilization, changed regulations etc.

Last but not least, most guests will appreciate (if not expect) to use their own smartphones for more aspects of their stay – besides the already mentioned check-in, to replace the hotel compendium, also the remote control, being able to control the temperature/AC, to order room service, to get in contact with housekeeping, to check-out and overall to be the hub for communication with the hotel.

Good thing is, all this is not a bad thing and is also an improvement for many guests post Corona. And it is probably the best way to stay in contact while being 6 feet or more apart.

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