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More Applications of Digital Technology

News — 2 Min Read

More Applications of Digital Technology

In the months to come it will be fascinating to see how the new normal shows up through various types of technology.

Digital Technology will play a big role in managing the “new normal”. However, how exactly remains still open in most regards. How tracing apps will work and with which implications for example. Or how the whole checking-in, dropping luggage, security check, boarding, landing, immigration process will be re-designed at airports. To a smaller degree, some applications are already out.

Some Are Already Out

Counting signs at the entrance

Digital Signage will be widely used for access management in retail, supermarkets, banks or similar structures. People counting sensors combined with moveable screens or so called A-frames are an affordable solution and can be used later on for wayfinding or promotions.

Mobile Ordering

Video Conferencing Equipment

Well of course this is somehow obvious. But it is also expected, that conference rooms not only in offices but also in hotels will be equipped with at least semi-professional solutions. This will be the place to go for the more important meetings for local companies to which they before would have travelled.

Mobile order in restaurants

While placing orders on apps for delivery services is nothing new, this will be also getting more common for more and more restaurant categories. Chosing, placing the order, potentially already at home  (or in case of hotels, while still in the room), optionally giving a start sign to the kitchen, getting a finished signal retour and pick-up at a self service counter might sound futuristic but was already in use at Disney before this pandemic.

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